Lyme Regis Sea Glass Jewellery

Lyme Regis nestles in the centre of Lyme Bay, sheltered from the unrelenting south westerlies by an ancient stone structure locally known as the cobb. Once the third largest port in England and safe haven to generations of seafarers Lyme attracted business from around the globe. To the east and west of the town lie the treacherous shores upon which many an unfortunate sailing vessel has found its final resting place, pounded to driftwood by irresistable forces of nature, cargo strewn upon the fossil laden beaches and left to the mercy of the elements, wreckers and townsfolk alike. Centuries on, mementos of these tragic, long forgotton events can still be found littering the shore-line. Glass and pottery framents once the chandeliers,decanters, glassware and pottery that could have graced many a captains table have now been transformed by actions of sand, sea and stone into the amazing sea glass and pottery we use to create our stunning and unique jewellery.